SWT-MS2 Series
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SWT-MS2 Series SWT-MS2 Series
SWT-MS2 Series SWT-MS2 Series
SWT-MS2 Series SWT-MS2 Series
SWT-MS2 Series SWT-MS2 Series
SWT-MS2 Series SWT-MS2 Series
SWT-MS2 Series SWT-MS2 Series

SWT-MS2 Series

SWT-MS2 is a versatile modular floodlight, which is suitable to use for the football field, tennis court, badminton courts, parking lots, training field, etc. With 250W/300W per module, Its maximum power can reach 1500W. During the use of SWT-MS2, when one module fails, other modules are not affected, we only need to replace one module during maintenance which reduces the difficulty of maintenance and saves the time and cost of post-maintenance. Since SWT-MS2’s driver and lamp can be easily combined, we usually separate them during transportation, which saves tariffs and freight for the customer.
Product Description

Product Feature:

1. 500W丨600W丨750W丨900W丨1000W丨1200W丨1250W丨1500W

2. 96 in 1-3535/5050/7070 design,High luminous efficiency, long lifespan, luminous efficacy can reach 150lm/W.

3. 384 in 1-3030 Economical scheme design, high luminous efficiency, long life, luminous efficacy can reach 135lm/W.

4. The first die-casting + fin design stadium light in the field, which is 20%-30% lighter than die-casting products of the same power.

5. The split design of driver and lamps minimizes the weight of lamps and wind resistance, and reduces the cost of system installation and maintenance.

6. 6 kinds of optical angles to meet the wide-angle lighting requirements of TV broadcast sports venues, airport terminals, etc.

7. Polarized 50/65° optical design meets the installation requirements of 0° elevation angle, greatly reduces construction costs and controls glare index.

8. Fin riveting design, the middle of the heat sink is hollowed out to increase air convection, better air convection than the first generation product, and better heat dissipation.

9. The thickest mounting bracket design in the industry of 5mm ensures that the installation will not be deformed, allowing your customers to have the best physical examination.

10. High-power lamps for high-altitude operations, and customized lightning protectors for customers.

11. In consideration of safety, it is designed with an anti-hanging chain structure.


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